About Us

Welcome to JourneyAboutTime, where time takes on a new dimension and watches become more than mere accessories—they become an extension of your style and a reflection of your unique story.

In the intricate world of timepieces, we have carefully curated a collection that goes beyond the conventional. At JourneyAboutTime, we invite you to explore a realm where every tick of the clock is a moment to be savored and every watch is a masterpiece waiting to adorn your wrist. Make your dream watch become a reality!

JourneyAboutTime offers fully customized watches through an independent workshop. We are not associated, authorized, or affiliated with any brand featured on our website or social media platforms, including Seiko, Grand Seiko, among others, unless explicitly specified.

Order Your Dream Watch

Estimated cost

Please use the custom order form below. After we've explored the possibilities and finalized the specifications for your watch, we'll be delighted to provide you with a quote.

Make Your Payment Secure

To commence an order, we kindly request full payment in advance. Please be assured that all payments are securely processed, ensuring the utmost security and peace of mind throughout your transaction.

Processing Time

A custom order typically requires 3-4 weeks. When your unique timepiece is fully assembled, we will provide you with a photo or video of the watch prior to shipping.


Once you have confirmed that the watch meets your requested specifications, we will proceed with the shipping process for your order.

For all domestic orders within the United States, complimentary shipping is provided through USPS or UPS, unless an alternative shipping agency is specifically requested.

For international orders, we work with reliable shipping services such as DHL Express, USPS, or UPS. Please be advised that international orders may be subject to customs taxes and duties. The buyer is responsible for customs taxes and duties.

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